Tessa Brooks Weight Loss Journey

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The famous Social Personality, Tessa Brooks, has always been entertained the audience. Therefore, the audience builds a very sweet relationship with her over time.

People had always supported her and compliment her for her work and glamour. However, Tessa Brooks wasn’t happy for her extra weight. Though from the very first day, she loved her body and appreciated every type of body.

But deep inside, she always used to think that if she could manage to cut 15-20 pounds, she would feel more happy and free.

Therefore, after observing her body and work life, she made the big decision to lose weight. Below you’re going to know about Tessa Brooks weight loss journey, such as How she lost weight, what diet she has followed, alongside how she did her workout sessions to get the best result.

The story behind gaining weight over time


The diva got a “Muscley and Tiny body type since she was young. Therefore, if she eats unhealthy meals for some days continuously, it reflects on her body.

While she was growing up, she often used to get stressed, and Tessa shared that she is the kind of person who eats to her feelings.

That’s how she started gaining weight day by day. But as she realized that she is getting overweight day by day, she decided to lose weight.

Tessa Brooks Weight Loss Secrets

Although Tessa Brooks shared her weight loss journey in 2019, she was considering it from back in 2016. In 2016 she tweeted, “How am I supposed to lose weight when the best part about life is mozzarella sticks” cause carb food was always a way of life for her.

As she got a Muscley and Tiny body, she gained weight easily as soon as she continues unhealthy meals for some days.

She shared that she was trying to lose weight for 1 to 2 years. But, every single time, she would lose weight, like maybe 5 to 10 pounds, by following a proper diet and gyming, and she would get it all back as soon as she slightly discontinues the rules.

With all frustration, Tessa decided to take the big decision and commit to herself that this time she will follow all the diet and attend all the workout sessions, pretty much strictly.

She started to clear out unhealthy meals from her food menu and listing all the healthy food in her meals. Below are the initial healthy foods she picked to began her weight loss journey.

  1. She included smoothies for breakfast.
  2. Something like green light salad/chicken tacos for launch.
  3. She usually ate Tacos / tasty light meal for Dinner.

She also shared that getting rid of dairy food was the most challenging thing for her, as she loves to eat dairy products. But as she realized the cons of dairy materials for weight loss, she cut off dairy products from her menu.

Although it was a tough one for her, Tessa noticed its benefits when she does it. She gets control of her weight, and her skin becomes more clear and fresher than before, that’s a bonus for her.


Although she was following a strict diet at the same time when choosing a non-dairy food, she picked it because she knows that it is healthy compared to the dairy one, and she liked that food as well.

Tessa Brooks mentioned that other than eating healthy food, she also ate everything in moderation but tried to have as much as fat-free meals when she was outside.

The diva recommended to her fans avoiding chips, white rice, sour cream cheese, dairy food, especially cheese, and corn if they seriously desire to lose their extra fat.

Also, Brooks shared that now by following a healthy diet, she gets more energy, her brain works fast, and she doesn’t get tired as quickly like before.

Needless to mention that the diva’s regular workout session played a significant role behind Tessa Brooks weight loss journey.

Besides following a proper healthy diet plan, you also need to exercise your body to weight loss actively. Nothing exceptional for Tessa Brooks. She also had to do exercise to lose weight.

The diva isn’t a huge fan of the gym neither a gym person. Tessa shared, “I am not a person who usually likes working out in the gym“. Instead, she loves to do outdoor stuff, such as going on Hikes, attending Pilates class, walking outsides with friends, etc. She feels more comfortable with dancing, as this is her hobby.

In addition to dancing, Tessa also practices Yoga, plus other exercises that can be done easily in the home. The reason behind doing such additional exercise regularly is to keep the muscle strong and active.

Below is the workout routine that the diva has followed in her weight loss journey.

  1. Before starting exercise, every time she does at least 30 minutes of Cardio.
  2. Then, for abs, Planks out at least for two minutes. The longer, the better for abs, she said. Also, for hips, move side to side.
  3. She considers 20 pushups every day to make her Arms strong.
  4. Tessa also loves Jumping lunges.

Watch the full video to get more insights about Teesa Brooks weight loss journey.

What Did Tessa Brooks Look Like Before Weight Loss?

There is no way to deny that Tessa was not any less attractive than before losing weight. She always had a smile on her face all the time, and many think that’s the secret of her beauty.

Even some also think there wasn’t any significant reason for her to weight loss/cutting extra fat. With that said, it’s also true that she was suffering from stress from not losing weight. Even sometimes, it also matters of self-confidence.

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Furthermore, she hasn’t just lost her weight. Also, the diva has endorsed healthy eating habits. As mentioned above, Healthy foods helped her to get a fresh mind, her brain started working faster. In addition, by losing her weight, she has inspired others to start their weight loss journey.

Are you curious to see Tessa Brooks then and now photo. Then, Here is the photo of Tessa brooks weight loss before and after.


How Does Tessa Brooks Maintain Her Weight Loss?

It is always tougher to maintain a constant weight than to lose weight. Therefore, Tessa shared another youtube video on her self-titled Youtube channel that how she is maintaining her weight now?

Tessa mentioned that she has become less strict at her Dairy inTake nowadays. Now, she included vitamins and celery juice in her everyday diet; although she doesn’t enjoy drinking celery juice however she likes the benefits of celery juice, which is why she included it in her menu.

She also added that when she inTake cheese or other food with a higher amount of dairy involved, she tends to exercise more than usual.

Furthermore, she believed that a healthy diet should have cheat days. Eating healthy food all the time can be tedious, sometimes. Therefore a cheat day can play the role of peeling off your boredom.

Over time, She also realized the benefits of drinking water. Nowadays, She is consistent with an advisable amount of water every day.

Brooks shared that water played a significant role in her weight loss progress. Water keeps her body well-hydrated and fresh. Therefore, she got a fresh mind to concentrate on her workout session.

Watch the below video to get a broader perspective about How she is maintaining her body weight nowadays?

Her fans loved her the way she was and were quite supportive of it. But she addressed that it was always a matter of self-confidence for her and how much ease the weight loss gave to her body. 

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How much does Tessa Brooks weight?


After losing weight about 20 pounds by following a healthy diet, now she weighs about 121 pounds / 54 kilograms. The estimated height of Tessa Brooks is 5 Feet 6 Inches.

According to her height and weight, her body mass index is about 19.4 m/kg2, which indicates that she leads a healthy lifestyle.

Height in Feet5 Feet 6 Inches
Weight in Pounds121 Pounds
Weight in KG54 Kilograms
BMI19.4 m/kg2
Hair ColorBrown
Eye ColorBrown
Shoe SizeSix

Tessa Brooks Personal Info

Tessa was born in 1998 in Fresno, California, United States. She celebrates her birthday on the 5th April of every year. Meanwhile, Tessa Brooks age is 24 years. Also, she has two sisters. She started dancing at the age of two since she is performing.

Talking about her career, she is most known as Social Media Personality, Actress, Model, and Dancer. She started her youtube career by uploading her dancing videos on Youtube.

She first got fame by dancing along with famous artists, such as Nicki Minaj. Perhaps, Tessa Brooks, 22, became more popular after working in the Disney web series named “The Next Big Thing.”

According to sources, the estimated net worth of Tessa Brooks is about $5 Million. Most of her income comes from brand promotion.

Birth PlaceFresno, California
Birth Year1998
Birthday5th April
Age24 Years
Zodiac SignGemini
Net Worth in 2022$5 Million
Income SourceSponsorship & Brand Promotion


By having a Muscley and Tiny body type, Tessa usually gains more weight quickly than others as soon as she starts eating junk food. Therefore, it was always tougher for her to lose extra fat.

But as she started taking care of herself and get fully focused on the Tessa Brooks weight loss journey. Slowly she started seeing results by adopting healthy lifestyles and essentials exercise. There are no secrets to losing weight. It’s about having proper nutritious meals and doing the best exercises that suit you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the most asked questions about the social media star’s weight loss topic.

How did Tessa Brooks lose weight

Tessa Brooks lose weight by endorsing healthy foods, cutting dairy products from the diet, and at the same time by doing proper exercise. She also included healthy celery juice in her diet and increased the amount of drinking water.

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