Top 10 Sri Lankan Hot Models List 2022

Social Media has opened the door for the young models to get into the film industry or become a Television Star. Often, the young models do not get enough recognition from the big agencies like Television director, but thanks to the social media, Young models get a chance to show their beauty and talent in front of the people. Today we picked 10 glamorous but talented Sri Lankan hot models from Instagram.

Though almost every Lankan model is hot and sexy, we had to list the top 10 hot Sri Lankan models, so we listed some of the most gorgeous models from Sri Lanka.

Sri Lankan Hot Models List

Here are the top 10 most sexiest hot models who belongs to Sri Lanka. All of them are equally talented and beautiful at the same time.

Amanda Silva

amanda silva - sri lankan models hot

The pretty lady can easily draw your attention by her beautiful looks and curved body. In Sri Lanka, she was born on January 3, 1991, under Capricorn’s sun sign. She has over 300K followers on Instagram. She mostly uploads lifestyle, fashion, and her photoshoot photos.

Instagram Handle: @amandasilva.amy

Udari Warnakulasuriya

udari warnakulasuriya

The television model and the Bonda Meedum star also has a great demand on Instagram. Mostly young youth follows her on Instagram. The 32 years old Udari has already won many awards, from Mrs. Globe 2015 title to Sumathi Award for Best Actress in 2011. She mainly uploads her lifestyle and fitness related photos and videos on Instagram.

Instagram Handle: @udari_warnakulasuriya

Shaakya Karunasena

Don’t Know about this Instagram hot model from Sri Lanka? Shaakya is a Fashion model and Fitness Consultant. Yes, she is very conscious about her fitness.

shaakya karunasena

Now you know how she got great physic. She has more than 80K followers on Instagram and already got many awards for her works. Shaakya is also counted as one of the most mature Sri Lankan hot models. The hotty has already appeared in many magazines. One notable name is GO Magazine. She is also quite active on her Facebook Page.

Instagram Handle: @gymsoulfitness

Shermaine Willis

shermaine willis

With almost 20K followers, Willis is our #4 picks. Don’t judge her because of the tiny amount of followers listed. After seeing her glamour and talent, you will be fascinated by her model looks. The German and Lankan race mixed diva is a model, musician, and the brand ambassador of Supplement Factory Sri Lanka.

Instagram Handle: @shermainewillis

Tanasha Hatharasingha

tanasha hatharasingha

By having more than 500K followers on Instagram, Tanasha is one of the leading social media influencers and Sri Lankan models. However, she is hot but cute at the same time. The Sri Lankan Hot Model mainly uploads aesthetic Lifestyle and Photoshoots photos.

Instagram Handle: @tanasha_hatharasingha

Yureni Noshika

yureni noshika - sri laankan hot models

Continues with another superstar model from Sri Lanka, Yureni Noshika. Yureni is also a very popular actress in the Television serials industry. The 33 years old diva began her career winning the Miss Sri Lanka for Miss World contest. Mostly uploads her photoshoots and sometimes uploads a motivational quote as well to keep positive her following base.

Instagram Handle: @yureninoshika

Maria Yusefovna Al-Kasas


Having over 115K followers on Instagram, Maria is one of the rising Sri Lankan Hot Models. The model is the mixed-race of Sri Lanka, Russia, and Arab. She is not only beautiful but also talented as well, a perfect example of Beauty with Brain.

She has already earned many titles and awards by showing her glamour and talent, such as Seri Miss Sri Lanka 2012 and MTQI-SL 2015. She is now working for WPDO India as a Peace Ambassador. She appeared in a Punjabi Songs by T-Series, named Milan: Deep Money.

Instagram Handle: @maria.yusefovna

Nathasha Perera

Who was thinking that an Attorney will become a leading model in the Television industry and Social Media? That’s what Natasha Perera is. Former Attorney transformed her passion into the modeling career. Often, She mostly uploads beautiful photos of her hot physics.

nathasha perera

Besides a Model, Natasha is also a Singer and Actress. The Lankan Hot Shots recently started uploading videos on Youtube.

Instagram Handle: @nathashaperera05

Anjali Himaya Bandara

anjali himaya bandara

Anjali is a social media influencer and actress mostly known for Saama Kumaru Kathawa (2019) and Deweni Inima (2017). More than 500K people follow her on Instagram. The engagement ratio of her Instagram account also good, gets at least 5K like on her every single Instagram photo. As like Natasha, Anjali also loves to sing.

Instagram Handle: @himaya_bandara

Nilakshi Thilakarathne

nilakshi thilakarathne - sri lankan hot models

Nilakshi has over 250K followers on Instagram. She mainly shoot for bridal photography and for any fashion show. She claims herself as a freelance models. the diva recently gave birth of a little beautiful baby, and it’s a baby girl. She is a pet lover and loves to travel in the beach side.

Instagram Handle: @nilakshi.thilakarathne

Shehani Kahandawala

Our Final Pick for the Sri Lankan Hot Models is Shehani Kahandawala. The Hot Shots often get compliments from her following base for getting over hotness. Over half a million people follow her on Instagram that shows how popular she is in Sri Lanka.


The hottest model of Sri Lanka is very strict at her diet and gym. Thanks to her healthy diet and exercises that give her a curved shape body. The Sri Lankan diva is also active on TikTok. Besides acting and modeling, she also loves to practice songs, dance, and Yoga.

Instagram Handle: @theshehani

Conclusion about Sri lankan Hot Models

Everyone has their own beauty. We have just tried to find some famous and non-popular hot models from Instagram. The above list is not either sorted like 1 – 10 or 10 -1. They all are equally beautiful and full of hotness. Now it’s up to you who you will find the hottest and sexiest models from the list. Let us know via comment below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the most pretty and hot models from Sri Lanka?

There are plenty but according to our articles some of the Sri Lanka hot models are Amanda Silva, Shaakya Karunasena, Nilakshi Thilakarathne, Nathasha Perera, etc.

Why Sri Lankan Girls Are Too Beautiful?

Most of models and actress who belongs to Sri Lanka are generally very beautiful and hot. Because most Sri Lankan girls loves to be simple, particularly in their dressing & attitude. Even, weather, environment and society also play a role.

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