Kelly Doty Weight Loss 2021: Diet, Workout, Secrets (EXPLAINED)

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Kelly doty, Connecticut-born 38-year-old tattoo artist, Kelly Doty first rose to fame when she appeared on the popular tattoo show Ink Master season 8 in 2016. 

She immediately became a fan favourite because of her unique Goth-inspired tattoo style. She made it to the finals, where she eventually lost to Ryan Ashley, who became the first female winner on the show. 

Kelly’s loss did not stop the love that she received after the show because she had already won the hearts of Americans. So it was no surprise when she was asked back on a spin-off called Ink master angels but this time as a judge alongside season 8 winner Ryan Ashley.

Her tattoos have often been described as spooky and cute by her fans, but the artist prefers to refer to her style and characters as bobbleheads.

When asked once in an interview, the artist had this to say about her tattoos,

I specialize in spooky illustrated fairy tales and pop surrealist work. I like that people find my tattoos strange and unique at the same time. Long story cut short; I draw creepy pictures with big honking bobbleheads.

Kelly’s appearance for her judge duties on the Ink Master Angels revealed that the artist had a new look. It was very obvious she had lost weight from her last time on the show. This revelation came as a surprise to her fans, who have an expressing concern about her weight over the years.

Although the artist has never admitted that she was bothered by these comments by her fans, she went on a weight loss journey whose results we all saw glaringly on the show. Talk about moving in silence.

Therefore, in today’s article, we will talk about Kelly Doty weight loss journey and how did Kelly doty lose weight?

Kelly Doty Weight Loss Journey


It isn’t clear when the artist made the decision to embark on a weight loss, but sources close to Kelly have said that her weight had always been a concern for her.

The artist leads a private life, as can be seen by looking at her Instagram page, which has more pictures of her works than of herself. She has tried to keep a shallow profile but still speaking up when necessary. It is, however, no surprise that the artist has not spoken much about her weight and her subsequent weight loss to the public.

By taking a deep dive into her interviews and Instagram posts, we have been able to get the scoop about how she achieved her new look. Weight and weight loss have never been a topic this tattoo artist discusses, so it was relieving to hear her talk about how she lost weight, but not in great detail.

How Did Kelly Doty Lose Weight?

Kelly Doty has lost weight of over 10 pounds by altering her diet with a healthy diet and following a proper workout regime.

Now, Have a look at her diet and workout that helped her to achieve her goal.

Ketty Doty Diet Plan

Ketty shared that embracing a healthy diet was the most right decision that helped her in the Ketty Doty weight loss journey.

Here is the current diet plan of Kelly Doty:

  1. In the morning, she usually has a cup of green tea and little snacks in her breakfast. She mentioned that she makes a conscious effort to avoid snacking in between her meals, especially before lunch.
  2. For Lunch, Kelly prefers to avoid oily foods and stick to salads.
  3. The tattoo artist said that she made little or no alterations to her dinner menu.

However, she is a lot more conscious of the things she eats now more than ever. Naturally, by embracing a healthy diet plan in her daily, she now feels more energetic.

Kelly Doty Workout

Kelly hasn’t given many details on her workout plan as expected, but she has mentioned lifting weights and walking as great exercises to which she had subscribed.

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She did not share a routine or specify how often she works, but by her progress so far, we can guess that she has been hitting a lot. She also never mentioned if she has had to enlist the services of a personal trainer in Kelly Doty weight loss journey or she just followed YouTube recommendations as most people would.

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How Much Weight Has Kelly Doty Lost?

Since embarking on her weight loss journey, the 38-year-old artist has lost a total of 10 pounds. Anyone who has tried to lose weight before knows that this is no small feat. 

We cannot say her BMI before and after her weight loss as she has chosen not to share this information, but from where we are sitting and from the pictures we can see on her Instagram, we can definitely say that she is a lot healthier now.

We don’t know if she is still going on with her weight loss journey, but whatever the case is, good job Kelly!

The Conclusion

Losing weight isn’t that tough actually that we think. By obtaining a healthy lifestyle and workout system, probably most people can quickly lose weight, as Kely Doty has already done.

As described earlier, Kelly Doty weight loss journey is nothing but obtaining a healthy diet in her diet and regularly joining workout sessions. Ultimately this process helped her to lose weight without undergoing any surgeries.

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