Josh Peck Weight Loss: How Did He Lose Weight 100 Pounds?

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Josh Peck weight loss journey was/is one of the most inspirational and dramatic transformations people have ever witnessed.

Therefore, Although, It has been twelve long years that Josh Peck lost his weight, still, people are curious to know about Josh Peck weight loss secrets, and often time, it becomes the headline of the magazine.

It makes sense why people are carving to know more about his weight loss proceeder so that they can also implement the proceeder and get a healthy and fit body.

In today’s article, we will find out how did Josh Peck lose weight, the reason behind his weight loss success secrets and some more critical factors that helped him to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

How Josh Peck Weight Loss Journey Started


Josh Peck is an American Actor, Model, and Youtuber. Josh started his career as a child artist in the early 2000s.

In 2000, he first introduced on the “The Amanda Show.”. Later, he got a call for the TV series Nickelodeon sitcom Drake and Josh. He got a huge appreciation from the audience and critics for his character Josh Nichols in the Drank and Josh show.

As the show was getting more popular day by day, he started getting fame too. Then, he realized that an enormous amount of teenagers follow him in daily to daily life, so he has some responsibility.

Therefore, he took the hard decision, and Josh started his weight loss journey so that he could influence other kids and teenagers, who regard him as a role model.

Other than that, in 2006, he said: “I made a conscious effort to lose weight because I knew I could be happier as well as being healthier.

How did Josh Peck lose weight?

As the weight loss procedure isn’t as easy as it looks on Instagram. It all takes a proper losing weight strategy and enough patience unless you rely on weight loss surgery. Nothing different for celebrities like Josh Peck.

Having a proper strategy for the weight loss journey is very essential to reach the goal. In our brief research, we found that Josh Peck followed the following six simple but yet highly effective strategies.

  1. Hire a Professional Personal Trainer.
  2. Embracing a Healthy Diet.
  3. Taking the right Supplements.
  4. Following Healthy Lifestyle.
  5. Stay Motivate and Stick with the Process.

Let’s look at these steps more closely to get the most benefits out of the Youtuber’s weight loss journey.

Hire a Professional Personal Trainer

From the very first day, Josh Peck knew that it is always better to work with a professional trainer to achieve the goal rather than working all by himself.


Therefore, Josh Peck hired a Professional physical trainer and nutritionist named Bob Harper to help him to achieve his weight loss goal.

The personal trainer, Bob Harper, made a science-based workout schedule and eating routine, which suits Josh Peck the most so that Josh can quickly adapt to the workout and eating routine.

In addition, the personal trainer used to manage his all exercise schedule, daily activities and advised him some of the best suggestions for healthy eating habits.

Embracing a Healthy Diet

Embracing a healthy diet is very important, especially when you’re trying to lose weight. And healthy diet does 50% of the works in losing weight. Fortunately, Josh Peck did well in this aspect.

Obtaining a healthy diet doesn’t mean eating less, instead, it is all about eat healthy foods and controlling the calorie intake.

He strictly followed his trainer’s advice and suggestions. He cut down the unhealthy oily meals from his diet and remove sweet sugar-involved foods and sweets to control the sugar intake.

In addition, he became more responsible towards his food choice and replaced soda with the organic fresh-squeezed vegetable sap and includes fiber-rich meals in his diet.

In a Youtube video Josh shared what was his diet and what he used to eat when he was 300 Pounds.

Taking the right Supplements

Besides, doing proper exercise and healthy food intake. He used to take supplements to boost up the process, as his trainer advised him. The supplement’s name is Phen375.

No doubt, the supplement helped him to lose weight quicker than others. As people still wonder, how did Josh peck lose weight in just 1.5 years? Maybe the supplement boosted up the process for him.

Following Healthy Lifestyle

Over the course of times, Josh Peck managed to cut more than 70 pounds of extra fat from his body. That’s an insane body transformation for him.

To long last the result it is always recommended to follow a healthy lifestyle. Losing weight naturally doesn’t mean it will be permanent if you’re not going to follow a healthy lifestyle.

His nutritionist emphasized him to more focus on his diet to long last the result. Thus, he followed all the instructions strictly that his trainer suggested to him, such as:

  • Take deep sleep.
  • Take enough rest.
  • Drink water, etc. to lead a healthier lifestyle.

Other than that, he has also said no to alcohol, smoke, and even Caffeine involved drinks such as coffee, tea, etc.

Stay Motivate and Stick with the Process

What differentiates Josh Peck from other people who failed in losing weight. Most people fail because they expect results in few weeks or in a month, which is logically next to impossible most of the time.

Therefore, after few weeks of hard work, people tend to give up.

The weight loss journey is a long process. It never happens overnight, and it takes months for any visible changes to occur. It takes time. More specifically, it can take up to few months even years to show the proper results. It all depends on the person’s body conditions.

Josh Peck himself took over a year and a half to lose about 70 pounds weight. He started Josh Peck weight loss journey by following simple things, such as normal walks, running, etc. Then over time, he chooses the more complex exercises, such as cardio workout and fat oxidation exercise.

For Josh, his motivation was “he wanted to become a role model among teenagers“, and because of Peck’s willpower and conscious effort, he made it too.

In the end, the weight loss journey takes time, so be patient and continue your hard work. Sooner or later, you will get the reward.

Josh Peck Weight Loss Surgery

Did josh peck have weight loss surgery? The simple answer is Josh Peck didn’t have any weight loss surgery to lose his extra weight. He has able to lose weight by endorsing healthy diets and by doing proper exercises.

Josh Peck weight loss journey is the most dramatic and impressive journey. Therefore, people often misunderstand and think that he went to weight loss surgery.

As Josh Peck claims that he didn’t undergo any surgery to lose his weight. “All the rewards I got all through the natural processes”, he said.

Josh Peck Plastic Surgery


Talking about Josh Peck plastic surgery, although Josh hasn’t disclosed anything about his skin removal surgery. But, there is a high probability that he has done it.

When someone loses a considerable amount of weight from his body, then the skin gets loose. To fix the problem, often, people choose to remove the loose skin with the help of skin removal surgery. Therefore, there is a high probability that he has to undergo skin removal surgery.

Josh Peck before and after Weight Loss

Before Josh Peck weight loss journey started, Josh Peck was known as the “Obese Teenager” / as “Chubby Child star“. But when he successfully managed to lose the extra fat, the whole game changes. Even, he faced that, people started treating him differently.

In addition, he hasn’t just lost weight. Also, the hundy guy has endorsed healthy eating habit. Furthermore, by losing his weight, he has inspired others to start their weight loss journey.

Are you curious to see Josh Peck then and now body transformation photo? Then, Here is the picture of Josh Peck weight loss before and after.


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How much does Josh Peck weigh?

The estimated weight of Josh Peck is about 180 pounds (82 kilograms), and his estimated height is 6 feet, which makes him look more attractive.

His body mass index is 24.4; meanwhile, he is leading a healthy body physics.

By following a scientific workout schedule and endorsing healthy meals, Josh managed to lose about 100 pounds of weight.

Height in Feet6 Feet
Weight in Pounds180 Pounds
Weight in KG82 Kilograms
BMI24.4 m/kg2
Hair ColorBlack
Eye ColorHazel
Shoe SizeEight

Frequently Asked Questions

Below is the list of most asked questions around the Josh Peck weight loss topic.

How josh peck lost weight

Josh Peck has able to lose weight by maintaining a scientific workout schedule and endorsing healthy foods. Furthermore, he replaced soda with fresh-squeezed vegetable sap.


If someone like Josh Peck goes through a body transformation completely and becomes a handsome hunk from a chubby child star. Then, you can also apply it to yourself. It just all takes enough courage, patience, and proper strategies.

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