Gabriel Iglesias Weight Loss Secrets [UPDATED 2022]

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Gabriel Iglesias weight loss journey was tough for Gabriel but with the proper dedication, he managed to cut down his extra weight.

The famous, in fact, one of the best comedians Gabriel Iglesias, was facing problems with his overweight until he took action to change his lifestyle to get a healthy & fit body. People used to see him as a funny person & he also loves to portrait himself as a funny person.

Gabriel Iglesias weight loss

But there was a time when he got nearly 447lbs weight & he wasn’t happy with that he went to depression. Suddenly he took some actions to lose his weight and by following all the steps, he even got his expected fit body.

Today, we will talk about how Gabriel loses extra weight by sharing Gabriel Iglesias weight loss journey. It will make you motivated to start taking action to cut down your extra fat.

Gabriel Iglesias Weight Loss Journey

Once mourning, he noticed that the back of his legs was almost dark for poor circulation. He used to see his skin is cracking from his leg. Later, Gabriel realized that bleeding began from his cracking part of the leg.

He knew that he crossed the limits of having weight and he was frustrated about his weight. Gabriel Iglesias decided to meet a doctor and take a consultant for his overweight. He wanted to discover what his weight condition was?

The doctor said to him, “He has only two years to live if he won’t change his lifestyle.” It was an awful moment for Gabriel. Then he thought,” I have to change my lifestyle to get a healthy life.”

Gabriel Iglesias Photo

So he decided to take his friend Martin with him as a gym partner. So that they both can reach their goals together. Gabriel said, “Martin plays a significant role in Gabriel Iglesias weight loss journey even Martin was one of those people who always support me on this journey”. Gabriel said,” We pushed each other to reach our goal,” he added that we both had a different purpose of going to the gym, but whatever was our reason, we motivate each other as much as we can.

Gabriel stated, “his girlfriend is the one who supported him to complete the weight loss project.” He added,” Whenever we go to restaurants & I ordered some fatty food or a beverage” She was like,” You know very well that what’s in these meals” therefore almost every time I had to cancel those unhealthy foods.

She helped me to choose the right mentor for the gym, actually he helped me a lot to lose weight,” Gabriel said.

Gabriel said, “when my mentor showed me what exercise I should do, I was very excited to workout, but when I started my exercise, I realize that it is very tough to do at least for me who has nearly 450lbs weight.” He also said that the first couple of days was adamant even once I cried.

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“I was thinking to give up, but the next moment my breath said to me that if you give up now then after some days, you will go for forever, then I put my best to lose my weight I left my bad food routine & start following & doing the proper diet & exercise,” Gabriel Iglesias said.

Gabriel also stated, “It was very tough for me to cut down drinking from my list, but I did it. Now I only drink once or twice a month, but there was a time where I used to drink at least four times a week.”

According to Gabriel, losing weight is all about patience and hard work. “It takes time to cut down a noticeable amount of weight. Never believe those who claim that lose you weight in 30 days or even 90 days. They are already slim that’s why they don’t how much effort & time an overweight person needs to make him/her fit”, Gabriel shared.

Watch this video where Gabriel share his journey.

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What you learned from Gabriel Iglesias Weight Loss Journey

We have learned several things from Gabriel Iglesias weight loss journey. So of the notable points are:

  • Choose a company to makes your trip full of fun & motivation
  • Always be patience
  • Put your 100% hard work
  • Follow the right diet plan
  • Stay away from any kind of beverage, at least while you’re on a weight loss journey.
  • Exercise regularly. Although it hurts you but sticks with regular exercise, you will definitely be rewarded.

If you have any questions regarding Gabriel’s weight loss journey, then let us know.

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