Delta Burke Weight Loss Journey

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If you grew up in the 80s to 90s era, you probably heard about the famous “Designing Women” series. If yes, you may also be familiar with Delta Burke, who played the role of the lead actress as Suzanne Sugarbaker.

Burke won two Emmy Awards nominations for playing the filterless and flamboyant Suzanne Sugarbaker of the Atlanta Designing Women.

Do you know what’s her current situation now?

After completing the superhit series, suddenly, she started getting absent on the big screen.

The reason was: she was getting overweight day by day. That’s why she decided to take a break to get healthy and fit first then come back.

With her dedication and passion, she cut down her weight. In today’s article, the best part is we’re going to cover Delta Burke weight loss journey how she managed to cut her extra fat by following proper diets and exercises.

Early Life Of Delta Burke

Delta Burke, also known as Delta Ramona Leah Burke. She was born in 1956 and celebrates her birthday on 30th July.

Delta Burke Thin Photo

From her childhood, she always had a dream to become an actress. Delta won the Miss Florida title in 1974. After winning the Miss Florida title, she decided to participate in Miss America too, and ultimately, she represented Florida in the Miss America pageant.

By showing her talent and flawless beauty, she became the talk of the town at that time. Simultaneously, she was also gaining weight, and the extra weight became a headache for her.

She shared,”When I was only 20 years old, and I used to take various diets to be the slimmer and sexiest actress, but unfortunately, later this was one of the main reasons for my fat gain. Because I was following different types of diets. As a result, all the things mixed up, and the results go against me.

Delta Burke Weight Loss Journey

As we all know, Delta got tremendous fame after starring in “Designing Women” as Suzanne Sugarbaker. At that time, Delta wanted to work more in such great TV series, movies and ultimately entertain her fans.

Unfortunately, As Delta had health issues from her early days, she was getting overweight day by day. Because of her overweight, she even did not have the opportunity to perform for another big series like “Designing Women.”

She was moving to depression day by day. Suddenly, she lost her beloved pet. She was entirely into depression when she knew that her mother was infected by breast cancer. Even she lost her grandmother in the same year, 1998.

delta burke weight loss

However, somehow she managed herself, relieved all the depression, and decided to build her career again.

Later, She decided to develop a clothing line where she will release plus-size clothes for women. All the things were going correctly, but unfortunately, her health issues were raised again. This time, She was gaining weight more quickly, even once she got 220 pounds weight on her body. At the same time, her mother was also fighting breast cancer.

Even for her overweight, the doctor found type 2 diabetes on her body. Everything was falling against her.

At that moment, she decided, this time, she will work harder to harder and will maintain her food habits. She met a doctor and took assistance for her.

She shared, “I began a stringent eating program and tested my blood more often. That’s when I got better control of my blood glucose.

By following the doctor’s treatment, removing the sluggish dish from her routine, and doing the necessary workout, she cut down 20 pounds of her weight.

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Later, the doctor informed her that if she did not work upon her weight and take care of herself, she would have to take insulin to live life sooner.

As the doctor suggested, Delta was more regular in the gym, and by following the proper diet plan and doing an adequate workout, ultimately, The beauty queen was able to cut down 65 pounds of weight from her body.

It shows how much effort she put into getting a fit body.

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Delta Thanks Her Husband

delta burke husband

Delta said in an interview that her husband (Gerald McRaney) helped her a lot in her weight loss journey. She said that he always helped her emotionally and mentally, even he should win the “Best Husband” award if there is an award like this exist.

The beauty queen added that I was always vital for him, either the slim-looking Delta Burke or the overweighted Delta Burke. He didn’t upset about my weight.

I was always struggling with comfort eating, and at that time, he always motivated me to maintain my diet and consistent with the workout session.

Delta talked about how his love heals her, how he gives her injections, and frankly helps her keep track of her appearance and weight.

However, Gerald McRaney had a lung cancer attack; fortunately, he passed it comfortably.

Delta Burke Career

Delta worked in many TV series and films. Some of the notable are; Filthy Rich, The Love Boat, and “1st & Ten,” etc.

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And we all know why she was so recognizable. Yes, you guess it right because of her role as Suzanne Sugarbaker in Designing Women.

Delta Burke Net Worth in 2022

Nowadays, Delta and his husband reside in Los Angeles with her mother, a breast cancer survivor. However, even her husband, Gerald McRaney, who is also a Lang cancer survivor, had successful surgery in 2004. Now, the whole family is very conscious about their health and tries to lead a healthy lifestyle.

Delta Burke net worth is about $3 Million in 2022. Most of her income comes from Television Series and Reality shows.

Wrapping Up

In the end, Delta Burke weight loss journey will definitely inspire those people who want to lose their weight. It even shows you that if you’re passionate about your health and want to get a fit body, then there is no age limit; you can get your fit body by following a proper diet and exercise.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are the most asked questions about Delta Burke and Delta’s weight loss journey.

How Much Does Delta Burke Weigh?

Once, she got 220 pounds of weight, and it forced her to quit her work for a certain time. But with her hard work and following proper exercise and diet, she managed to cut down nearly 65 pounds weight. Now her weight is 150 pounds.

Why Did Delta Burke Leave The Show?

Because of her health issues and personal depression, she didn’t continue the show anymore. A rumor also says that she was forced to leave the show.

Who Is Delta Burke’s Husband?

Gerald McRaney is Delta Burke’s husband. Gerald McRaney, also known as Gerald Lee McRaney, is a Television and film actor. He has worked in many Television shows and serials but is mainly known for his work on Simon & Simon.

What Size Is Delta Burke?

The height of the diva is about 5 feet 5 inches, and she weighs about 150 Pounds. Meanwhile, her BMI score is near around 25 m / kg2, which is still a little high but comparing with obesity, the 25 score seems fine.

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