Delta Burke Weight Loss Journey

If you grew up in the 80s to 90s era, then you probably heard about the famous “Designing Women” series. If yes, then you may also be familiar with Delta Burke, who played the role of the lead actress as Suzanne Sugarbaker.

Burke won two Emmy Awards nominations for playing the filterless and flamboyant Suzanne Sugarbaker of the Atlanta Designing Women.

Do you know what the current situation of her?

Maybe you don’t. Because after complete the superhit series suddenly, she was getting absent on the big screen.

The reason behind her absence on TV is she was getting overweight day by day, that’s why at that time she decided to take a break.

However, with her hard work, she was able to cut down her weight, and our today’s article is all about Delta Burke’s weight loss journey how she managed to cut her extra fat with proper diets and exercise.

But to be honest, it takes time to lose her weight, but there is some reason behind that. We will talk about them as well.

Early Life Of Delta Burke

The full name of Delta Burke is Delta Ramona Leah Burke. She was born on July 30, 1956.The full name of Delta Burke is Delta Ramona Leah Burke. She was born on July 30, 1956.

Delta Burke Thin Photo

From her childhood, she was dreaming of being an actress. Delta won Miss Florida title in 1974 after that she decided to participate in Miss America, and ultimately, she represented Florida in Miss America pageant.

And at that time, she was the talk of the town, and she was showing her talent. But unfortunately, her weight was also increasing day by day.

She said,When I was only 20 years old, and I used to take various diets to be the slimmer & sexiest actress, but unfortunately, later this was one of the main reasons for my overweight gain. Because I was following different types of diets. As a result, all the things mixed up and results go against me.

Delta Burke Weight Loss Journey

As we all know, Delta was so famous after casting as Suzanne Sugarbaker. At that time, Delta wanted to work more & give something more special for her fans.

But unfortunately, As Delta had health issues from her early days so that she was getting overweight day by day. Because of her overweight, she even did not have the opportunity to perform for another big series like “Designing Women.”

She was moving to depression day by day. Suddenly, she lost her beloved pet. She was entirely into depression when she knew that her mother has infected by breast cancer & she lost her grandmother in the same year 1998.

delta burke young photo

However, somehow she managed herself and relief all the depression and decided to build her career again.

She decided to develop a cloths brand where she will release plus size clothes for women. All the things were going correctly, but unfortunately, her health issues raised again. She was getting more quickly weight day by day even once she got 220 pounds weight on her body. Besides, at that time, her mother was also fighting with breast cancer.

Even for her overweight doctor found diabetes on her body. Everything was falling against her.

At that moment, she decided, this time, she will work harder to harder and will maintain her food habits. She met a doctor and took assistance for her.

By following the doctor’s treatment, removing the sluggish dish from her routine & doing necessity workout, she was able to cut down 20 pounds of her weight.

Later the doctor informed her that if she did not work upon her weight and care to herself, then sooner, she would have to take insulin to alive for the rest of her life.

After heard this alert, Delta was more regular in the gym & by following proper diets & doing an adequate workout; ultimately, she was able to cut down 65 pounds weight from her body.

It shows how much effort she put to get a fit body.

Delta Thanks Her Husband

delta burke husband

Delta said in an interview that her husband (Gerald McRaney) helped her a lot in the Delta Burke weight loss journey. She said that he always helped her even he have to win the “Best Husband” award.

She added that I was always vital for him either the slim looking Delta Burke or the overweighted Delta Burke. He didn’t upset about my weight.

I was always struggling with comfort eating & at that time, he always motivated me to maintain my diet & to do the workout.

Delta talked about how his love heals her, how he gives her injections and frankly helps her keep track of her appearance and weight.

But suddenly, Gerald McRaney had a lung cancer attack, but fortunately, he passed it comfortably.

Delta Burke Career

Delta worked in many TV series & films. Some of the notable are; Filthy Rich, The Love Boat, and “1st & Ten,” etc.

And we all know why she was so recognizable. Yes, you guess it right because of her role Suzanne Sugarbaker in Designing Women.

Wrapping Up

In the end, Delta Burke weight loss journey will definitely give inspire those people who actually want to lose their weight. It even shows you that if you’re passionate about your health and want to get a fit body then there is no age limit, you can get your fit body with proper diet & exercise.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does Delta Burke weigh?

Once, she got 220 pounds weight and it forced her to quit her work for a certain time. But with her hard work & by following proper exercise & diet she managed to cut down nearly 65 pounds weight. Now her weight is 150 pounds.

Why did Delta Burke leave the show?

Because of her health issues & personal depression she didn’t continue the show anymore.

Who is Delta Burke’s husband?

Gerald McRaney is Delta Burke’s husband.

What size is Delta Burke?

The height of the 90s beauty is 5 feet 5 Inches (165 Centimetres)

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