Ankur Aggarwal – Bio, Age, Net Worth, Income Report

As time goes and the internet is evolving, physical services are also shifted into the digital era. Nothing different for Marketing. This is the era of digital marketing. Because of the high demand for Digital Marketing, the more and more digital marketer is coming up. Ankur Aggarwal is also from one of them, from West Delhi, India.

He is best known for his Digital Marketing based YouTube channel, has more than 390K subscribers. He is an Entrepreneur, Digital Marketer, Blogger, Affiliate Marketer, Content Creator. I today’s article, we will talk about Ankur Aggarwal biography, wiki, net worth, income report, age, etc.

Ankur Aggarwal Biography

First NameAnkur
Last NameAggarwal
Full NameAnkur Aggarwal
Mother NameWill Update
Father NameWill Update
BirthplaceDelhi, India
EducationGraduate from NSIT Delhi

Ankur was born in Delhi, India. He passed his entire childhood in Delhi. He was very good at studying from his childhood, and at school, he was counted as the most intelligent kid.

After that, in 2016, as he was a quite intelligent student, he scored 99.2 percentage in XAT Exam for MBA, which is really rare to find. Then again, He left that to pursue his dreams and passion.

Ankur Aggarwal shared that his parents were very supportive of every part of his life. They didn’t interrupt in any of his decision regarding his passion. Unfortunately, people still confused about information about his parents as there is not much information about them.

Career Journey

Ankur Aggarwal is a Digital Marketer. He has been blogging since 2013. To date, he is working as an Affiliate Marketer and Digital Marketer for more than seven years. In these seven years, he faced ups and downs in his life.

As mentioned above, he has been very good at studying, and he had a decent IQ level throughout his primary education. As a result, he and his family wanted to get a chance to join IIT Delhi


So after completing his school education, he started preparing himself for the admission test. Although he didn’t get the chance to join in IIT, but he got joined in NSIT Delhi, which is considered as one of the best universities for Engineering.

After his 1st semester exam, he realized that Engineering isn’t made for him. During that period, he had heard about Google Partners Programme from one of his senior brothers. Then he started to research about it, and he found something called blogging.

The word attracts him. As a result, he decided to start blogging. Although he tried his best for the next four years, he didn’t earn even one penny from online because of the lack of knowledge. At the same time, he has already completed his engineering degree.

In 2016, Ankur Aggarwal got into a job and started another blog. At that time, he used to blogging part-time besides his full-time job. Fortunately, this time his websites able to attracts visitors, and ultimately his earning was started.

In a matter of a few months, he reached $500 per month income.  He quit his job, build a team and began working professionally, Unfortunately, although his strategy was amazing but because of his team members fault his company collapsed.

Later, he started doing all the stuff alone and started reading blogs and listening podcasts to understand SEO and blogging better. Eventually, he found Pat Flynn. He shared, “Pat’s podcasts and earning reports helped me a lot to grow my online business. Especially, Pat’s earning reports inspired me a lot.”

From Pat Flynn, He knew about Affiliate Marketing. Later he became a successful Affiliate Marketer.

As Pat Flynn inspired Ankur Aggarwal, he is now inspiring thousands of people, who are beginners in the Digital Marketing industry.

Last Year, he opened a YouTube channel to teach people about Digital Marketing. Because he found that most of the people do not have the proper knowledge about Digital Marketing, all the skills they have about Digital Marketing that is outdated, those techniques used to work on back in the year 2011 / 2012.

To date, He has published two comprehensive courses about Digital Marketing and Affiliate Marketing.

All the courses contain quality content. As a result, he has got lots of appreciation from the audience. Now he is planning to open a digital marketing agency.

Net Worth and Ankur Aggarwal Income Reports

Net Worth In 2020$1 Million
Net Worth In 2019$250 Thousand
Net Worth In 2018$70K Thousand
Ankur Aggarwal Income (Monthly)$100K Thousand
Monthly Income In 2019$30K Thousand
ProfessionDigital Marketer and Blogger
Income SourceServices and Blogging

The second reason behind the audience’s trust in him is his earning reports. The first reason is obviously his quality content. Last he showed his income reports publicly was July 2019. 

At that time, he was earning $30K per month. No doubt that now he is making more than $100K, and that’s just only from Affiliate Marketing. He also earns by providing Digital Marketing Services.

Most of his income comes from Affiliate Marketing and Digital Marketing. Sources said that he has an estimated net worth of $500K – $1M. With that, he is passing a lavish lifestyle with his family in Delhi.

Ankur Aggarwal Age

Birth DateWill Update
Birth Year1994
Zodiac SignWill Update

Ankur Aggarwal is 26 Years old. Not that, he was born in 1994 in India.

Ankur Aggarwal Height and Weight

Height5 Feet 7 inches
In Centimetre (174 CM)
Weight65 Kilograms
In Pounds (143 lbs)
BMI Score22.5 kg/m2
Hair ColorBlack
Eye ColorBlack
Shoe Size9.5

Ankur Aggarwal is an average height guy. He has a height of 5 Feet 7 inches, and his weight is 65 Kilograms. This indicates a BMI score of 22.5, suggest that he has a healthy combination of height and weight.

Ankur stated that he is very active on workout and always tries to consume healthy food.

Ankur Aggarwal Girlfriend

Martial StatusUnmarried
Relationship StatusSingle
Relationship RumorNO

He doesn’t get married yet, but the relationship status of Ankur Agarwal is unknown. As there is no rumor about his love life and he doesn’t even get married, his followers are assuming that he is still single.

Although maybe he is in a relationship with someone, but he doesn’t want to mix his professional life and personal life together, he isn’t sharing his relationship with current circumstances.

Social Media Appearance

Because of his quality content, he has been able to gain more than half a million people with the help of different social media networks. He is mostly active on Youtube, Facebook, and Instagram.

Youtube Subscribers490K+ Subscribers
Channel NicheDigital Marketing
AwardSilver Play Button
Channel NameAnkur Youtube
Facebook Group Members70K+ Members
Group NameLearn DM with Ankur

YouTube: Ankur Aggarwal has over 390k subscribers on Youtube, and till now, his channel is able to gain more than 8.5 Million views. The most popular content of his YouTube channel is regarding Affiliate Marketing. He got his Silver Play Button on August 16, 2019.

Facebook: From his YouTube subscribers list, many people have also joined in his private Facebook group. More than 70K members are already joined on his Facebook group. Peoples are very helpful to each other at his Facebook group. The Facebook group is known as “Learn Digital Marketing

Instagram: A decent number of people also follow him on Instagram. The number is more than 30K. Over 30K peoples are following him on Instagram, although he isn’t quite active on Instagram. But the beginning part of his YouTube journey, he used to take QNA sessions every at 7 PM.

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