Who Is Akshat Utkarsh – Bio, Age, Girlfriend, Suicide Reason, Occupation, & More

Another life of a young actor has fallen by suicide. Akshat Utkarsh a Bhojpuri actors who was found hanging to the ceiling fan of his rented apartment on Sunday night.

Who Is Akshat Utkarsh?

Akshat Utkarsh was a Bhojpuri Television star who was trying to get into the Bollywood. The Bhojpuri Actor belonged to Muzaffarpur, a village in Bihar but later He shifted into the Mumbai for following his passion and get into the glamorous Bollywood.

Akshat Utkarsh Girlfriend

Akshat Utkarsh Biography

Akshat Utkarsh girlfriend was Sneha Chouhan before Akshat’ death. They were into a relationship and staying in Mumbai Andheri West Area. Sneha Chouhan said that Akshat was very much normal while talking to her on Sunday.

Akshat Utkarsh Age

Akshat Utkarsh age was 26 years old.

What Happened With Akshat that Night?

According to Sneha and Roommates of Akshat, He was pretty much normal on the evening of Sunday. Akshat father has said that The Bhojpuri Star dialled his father number, but as they were watching television series so Father said to Akshat, “I will call you later.” After He called back to his son, but Akshat never picked up the call.

As Akshat’s roommate wake up to use the washroom, she found Akshat Utkarsh dead in his ceiling. She immediately called the police. The police came and sent the dead body for the forensic reports.

Akshat’s father has stated that He went to the Amboli Police Station, Mumbai for the FIR as the family don’t believe that it is a suicide, they think that it’s a planned murder. But The Mumbai police registered a case of accidental death.

The Mumbai police have stated that Akshat was in a Depression, because of COVID, he was out of the job. As he took money from his parents and friends so he was in a tense and maybe that’s why he picked that decision.

See What Others Are Thinking About Akshat Utkarsh Suicide.

Peoples are relating Akshat with the Late Sushant Singh Rajput.

Whatever the case is people wants Mumbai Police to investigate the whole situation comprehensively.

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